a cat may look at a king

a cat may look at a king

1546 J. HEYWOOD Dialogue of Proverbs II. v. H3 What, a cat maie looke on a king, ye know.

1590 R. GREENE Never too Late VIII. 181 A Cat may look at a King, and a swaynes eye hath as high a reach as a Lords looke.

1721 N. BAILEY English Dictionary s.v. Cat, A Cat may look upon a King. This is a saucy Proverb, generally made use of by pragmatical Persons.

1935 I. COMPTON-BURNETT House & its Head xi. There is no harm in that, dear. A cat may look at a king; and it is only in that spirit that my poor brother looks at Alison.

2001 Times 23 Nov. 20 Our trivia quiz shows are intended to show that taxi drivers are as clever as philosophers and poets. A cat may look at a king.

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